Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day – August 26

Electric utilities across the state will be honoring the men and women across Florida who work tirelessly in varying conditions to make sure our lights stay on.

Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day Events

  • Lakeland Electric recognized their lineworkers with an annual Lineworker Appreciation Luncheon and posted photos and thanks on their social sites.
  • Gainesville Regional Utilities posted thanks and recognition on their social media platforms.
  • Kissimmee Utility Authority hosted a Lineman Appreciation Luncheon for all of its linemen.
  • Ocala Utility Services planned a Lineworker’s Appreciation Breakfast for all of their lineworkers. Ocala’s Mayor, Kent Guinn, issued and read a proclamation at the breakfast.
  • The City of Bushnell: City Manager, Bruce Hickle, hosted an Appreciation luncheon for his Electric Department. Lineworkers were served a steak dinner, prepared by Hickle, and were formally presented with the FMEA Safety Award the department earned this year.
  • City of Alachua presented a proclamation at their City Commission meeting on Monday, August 25th.
  • The City of Tallahassee posted thanks and recognition on their social media platforms.
  • Keys Energy Services released a press release on August 22nd that highlighted Lineworkers Appreciation Day and included a memorial reference to Josh Yarbrough, a KEYS lineman who died tragically in the line of duty two years ago on August 30th.
  • The City of Mount Dora posted photographs of their lineworker crews in action and on Lineworker Appreciation Day, and posted them on their social media platforms. A news release was pitched to their local paper.
  • The City of Williston issued and presented a proclamation to their Lineworkers and recognized them for their service and dedication to the community.
  • The City of Bartow Electric Department honored their lineworkers with a proclamation and luncheon. They also invited lineworkers from Fort Meade and Wauchula to join the event.

“Electric lineworkers are true hometown heroes, giving their all every day to deliver the electricity we all depend on,” said Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) General Manager and CEO Nicholas Guarriello.

Barry Moline, executive director of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, noted the daily demands endured by lineworkers. “When you stop and consider the complexity of the nation’s power grid,” he explained, “the essential role of the lineworker comes into sharper focus. As a group, they’re responsible for maintaining the nation’s more than 5 million miles of power lines in all kinds of weather and hazards and do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We appreciate what they do for us every single day, rain or shine.”

Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day Events

Lineworker Appreciation Day was celebrated in August, with celebrations at utilities across Florida. In Bartow, city officials recognized Lineworkers from their hometown as well as the cities of Fort Meade and Wauchula.


In 2012 the Florida House of Representatives created Lineworker Appreciation Day, honoring the thousands of men and women risking their lives every day to ensure reliable delivery of electricity throughout the state.

FMEA produced a short video featuring the event in Bartow, recognizing Lineworkers who work tirelessly in varying conditions to make sure the lights stay on and what this event means to them.

Lakeland_LAD_001Thanks to the efforts of Tracy Moore, Lakeland Electric lineman were treated to an appreciation luncheon today in honor of the dangerous work they perform everyday. Moore, whose husband Marc Moore was tragically killed while serving the citizens of Lakeland in 2002, has fought tirelessly to have August 26th recognized nationally as Lineworker Appreciation Day.

Photos of the luncheon can be viewed on the City of Lakeland Facebook Page.

Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day recognized by the Florida House of Representatives

DSC_0330On March 2, 2012 more than 70 lineworkers from across Florida joined Rep. Seth McKeel (R-63) and Tracy Moore at the capitol to introduce Florida House Bill 9089 to the House of Representatives.

“It’s so easy to take our energy industry for granted,” noted Rep. McKeel. “But when the power goes out, we rely on utility lineworkers to quickly get things back to normal. They are, literally, risking their lives every day on our behalf.” 

FMEA produced a short video of the day’s highlights. The video is available on the Florida Public Power YouTube Channel.

The Florida House Resolution can be viewed here.

Photos of the Ceremony at the Capitol Building are available for viewing and downloading here.

Lineworkers honored in the City of Lakeland 

On August 6, 2012, at the City Commission Meeting the Linemen Appreciation Day Proclamation was read and accepted by Mayor Gow B. Fields.

The City of Lakeland Proclamation can be viewed here.

On August 14, 2012 The Lakeland Ledger published a feature article regarding Tracy Moore and her initiatives to ensure Florida Lineworkers are recognized for their service and sacrifices.

The full article is available here.

To honor the profession, she hosted two luncheons for lineworkers in Bartow and Lakeland on August 24, 2012. Attendees were served a catered meal by city dignitaries and commemorative t-shirts were available.

“It turned out great. I have received a lot of feedback from the lineworkers telling me that, until I started Lineworker Appreciation Day, they felt forgotten. It makes me so happy to know I can do that for them,” said Tracy.

Barry Moline,  executive director of FMEA, presented the Lineworker Appreciation Day resolution passed by the Florida House of Representatives in March 2012 to Rep. Seth McKeel. The borders of the plaque were signed by Lineworkers from across Florida as a message of thanks to Rep. McKeel for taking the initiative to create this special day. Moline expressed the appreciation of the public power community and the state as a whole for the lineworkers’ commitment and sacrifice.

Galleries of photos from the luncheons can be viewed on the City of Lakeland’s Facebook and Flickr pages.

Jacksonville City Council recognizes JEA’s Lineworkers

On August 15, 2012 JEA’s line workers were recognized at the Jacksonville City Council meeting.


State Representative Mia Jones presented the House of Representatives Lineworkers Appreciation Day Resolution to the Council and honored the lineworkers for being “part of the team at JEA that just completed three of their best operational years ever, including award winning reliable electric service.”

City of Tallahassee – City Lineworkers recognized for dedication and service

City of Tallahassee Electric Utility lineworkers were honored on Wednesday, August 22 at the Tallahassee City Commission meeting in recognition of Lineworker Appreciation Day on August 26.

The special ceremony, which included a proclamation, recognized lineworkers and others from the City’s Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution Division for their dedication and exemplary service to the community.

“Our lineworkers work extremely hard, often in dangerous conditions, to ensure the reliable delivery of electricity to customers,” said Electric Utility General Manager Rob McGarrah. “As the #1 Public Utility in America, we are very pleased to join other municipalities throughout the state to stress the importance of providing safe, dependable power and protecting valuable resources for the future.”

Recently the City’s Electric Utility has received several prestigious distinctions, including the 2012 E.F. Scattergood Award and Energy Innovator awards from the American Public Power Association. Additionally, the City’s Arvah B. Hopkins Electric Generating Station, Unit 2, has been named by Power Magazine as one of the top 6 gas-fired electric generating facilities in the world.

As an integral part of the City’s Electric Utility, the Transmission and Distribution Division has approximately 124 employees, half of whom are lineworkers. The City serves approximately 114,000 electric customers and is the fourth largest municipal electric utility in Florida.

For more information on City of Tallahassee Utilities, visit Talgov.com/YOU, call 891-4YOU or follow @COTeplus on Twitter.

The City of Tallahassee Proclamation can be viewed here.


City of Bartow Honors Lineworkers during Luncheon

On August 24, Bartow City Manager George Long thanked Lineworkers from Ft. Meade, Wauchula and Bartow after they enjoyed a barbeque lunch sponsored by the Highline Hero Foundation.

The Lineworkers Appreciation Day celebration was held at the City of Bartow, and attended by local elected officials.

Lamar Advertising honors Florida Lineworkers

Lamar Advertising honored Florida Lineworkers by including this poster on all their electronic signs from August 24-26:

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