Florida Lineman Competition – Questions for the Judge’s Forum

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Genearl Competition Questions:

**Notice** “Mean Time” for the apprentice Hurtman is 4 minutes and Drop Dead Time is 6 minutes.

  1. Once above the neutral, can we continue to climb with both belts (primary and secondary) around the pole?
    A: It is permissible to leave your secondary positioning lanyard around the pole after you transition above an attachment on the pole. However the lanyard must be adjusted so that it is not hanging down around the climbers feet and potentially causing an unsafe condition.
  2. What size are the poles?
    A: Class III 40’s for Lineman Events. Class IV 35’s for Apprentice Events. Hurtman Rescue will be 40’s for everyone.

Team Journeyman Events

Dead-end Bell Replacement (Submit a question)

  1. Q: Can the ground cluster to the neutral connection be installed from leather gloves?
    A: Rubber gloves must be worn by both climbers on the pole until equipotential grounding is completed and properly installed.
  2. Once the two phases are grounded can the climbers work separate phases at the same time?
    A: Yes.
  3. Can we use a hot line tool designated as our tester as we have done in the past instead of a real primary voltage detector?
    A: You may designate a tool as the “voltage detector” as long as it is only used for that purpose and not combined with a tool already being used. You should also mark it or make it obvious that is its intended purpose.
  4. Can you put the grounds on the neutral by means if rubbers gloves or do you have to use a shotgun stick on the neutral side?
    A: The grounds can be installed on the neutral with rubber gloves. 

Pin & Insulator Replacement (Submit a question)

  1. Q: What is the 8″ spacing? On page 18 “Event Diagram” page there is no reference to the pole top pin in regards to measurements. How far from the top on the pole is the phase as it rests in the insulator?
    A: The 8” spacing is referring to the bolt holes on the steel pole top pin. Although there is not exact spacing shown on the diagram, you can see that it is centered in the 18” area at the top of the pole.
  2. Can we drive a anchor into the ground behind the mat for a tag line to hold the wire out?
    A: No the field will be set up in a soccer field and there are water line and other utilities.
  3. What is the span length for the tap?
    A: Span lengths will be approx.75 ft.
  4. Can have a temporary anchor as long as it isn’t driven into the ground?
    A: No.
  5. Do you have to maintain your MAD on a covered phase or jumper with any body part while standing on the pole?
    A: When primary is cover up and you get inside MAD you should avoid accidental contact. Double cover should be used on jumps so accidental contact is avoided.(reference infractions-2 point deduction #23)
  6. Do we have to remove permanent jumper from the primary after we put on the insulated jumper?
    A: Yes.
  7. Can you attach a layout arm at the base of the pole for rigging purposes?
    A: A layout arm is designed to support the weight of the conductor as it lays on the arm. It will not be permitted to be used at the base of the pole as a point of attachment for a tag line.
  8. If you work off a monkey board can the lineman on the board move wire to tap by himself?
    A: No have to have two points of control.

Transformer Relocation (Submit a question)

  1. Q: May the blocks to lower the transformer be rigged to the cross arms similar to the horizontal hurt man rescue?
    A: You can rig off the cross-arm as long as you have proper rigging and it is not outside of the braces . Improper rigging and positioning will be deduction.
  2. Will the transformer be bonded to the pole? Or will it be only connected  to the service wire neutral?  If it is going to be connected to the pole how will it be connected? Will we be able to remove the copper from the pole or will we have to strip it out of the bonding lugs in the air?
    A: We will have a case ground on both sides of the transfer tank so the ground wire will work for either side.
  3. Q: May the second climber head up the pole after the hand line is hung but has stove pipes hanging from the secured block?
    A: No. That would be in violation of #18 of the general rules and 2pt. deduction for ascending or descending the pole under a load.
  4. On the transformer re-location event, can the top climber work on moving the switch while the transformer is being lowered to the ground so long as he is above the load?
    A: Yes you can.  Remember if you rig off the arm you have to use proper rig .
  5. Q: It does not specify what type of blocks that can be used to lower and raise the transformer. Is there going to be a requirement for minimum sheave configuration for this event?
    A: It will be required that all teams use a minimum of 2-3 blocks to lower and raise the transformer.
  6. Will the cutout door be open or closed at the start of the event?
    A: Yes, the door will be closed at the start of the event.
  7. The new pictures posted show the switch on the cross arm that has the phases. The event drawing in our packet show the switch installed on the back arm with a long jumper crossing over both arms. How will it be built at the competition?
    A: The event will be rigged as shown in the newest pictures under the Q&A. the cutout will be on the inside of the crossarm closest to the energized conductors.
  8. It has been answered that the transformer will have a tank bond. Can’t see any tank bond in the pictures we also can’t see where the primary neutral bushing bond goes.
    A: See picture 7.  There will be two case grounds on the transformer located either side of the bottom hanger bracket. The ground wire will be coming down the center of the pole and attached to the one closest to the ground wire. The wire must be disconnected and reconnected to the opposite connection point.
  9. Will it be required to cover either guy wire? The packet shows fiberglass links but the images do not?
    A: No.
  10. Can we leave the secondary leads hanging once removed from the pot or do they need to be pinned back on the cover?
    A: Secondary leads need to be pinned back on the cover.
  11. What size are the poles 40’s or 35′?
    A: Class III 40’s for Lineman Events.
  12. Can the first climber open the cut out and untap the hot line clamp while the second climber ascends the pole?
    A: No, Refer to General rules; 2point Deductions Rule#17: Performing work on the pole while other Lineman is ascending or descending other than repositioning (repositioning is a maximum of two steps).
  13. What location will the lowered transformer have to be placed in reference to the pole?
    A: The transformer will be placed directly below the end of the crossarm (approximately 4’ from the pole).
  14. It’s states that the secondary lead must be pinned back to the cover, do the leads need to be covered as well?
    A: Yes.

Vertical Hurt Man Rescue (Submit a question)

  1. Q: For the Journeyman and Apprentice Vertical Hurtman Rescue there are two spools shown near the bottom and on opposition sides of the pole. The right drawing only displays one spool (neutral?). What is the purpose of the second spool?
    A: The bottom spool was an oversight by the competition committee and will not be present for either the Journeyman or the Apprentice Vertical Hurtman Rescue events.
  2. Does the hand line have to be wrapped around the pole or can a screw driver be used?
    A: The event must be followed as written where the handline is split and wrapped around the pole one and a half times prior to tying around the mannequin.

Apprentice Events

Cross Arm Brace Change (Submit a question)

  1. Q: What are the specs on the bolts holding the cross arm bow brace onto the cross arm?
    A: We will be using a sixty inch (60”)span bow brace. The arm bolts will be 1/2” X 6” and the pole bolt will be a 5/8” X 10”-12” depending on the thickness of the pole.
  2. Q: Will it be just the nut or nut and washer on the 1/2″ x 6″ bolt? Will the nut be square or hex head? Will the washer for the 5/8 bolt for bow brace be a flat or lock washer?
    A: There will be a 1/2″ round washer on the bolt head. No washer on the nut end. Both the 5/8″ and the 1/2″ will be square head. The 5/8″ bolt for the bow brace will have a flat washer on the bolt head. No lock washers.
  3. Q: Can we hang a handline on the cross arm using a handline block with a meat hook?
    A: As long as it is secure.  If it comes loose and falls it will be a deduction.
  4. Can we hang the hand line on the DA bolt between the cross arms?
    A: Yes, as long as it is secure.

Insulator Relocation (Submit a question)

  1. Q: What type of side tie and what type of top tie will be use for this event? If you could provide a picture and/ or stock number for these ties it would be appropriate.
    A: Both insulators will be 2 7/8” F-Neck. The PLP catalog numbers will be, Top Tie UTF-1205 and the side tie will be, EZSTF-175.
  2. Q: How do the phases go back the same way or opposite?
    A: Phases will be on the opposite side of the pole.
  3. Are the phases staying the same after the pole top pin and chicken wing are moved or are they moving?
    A: The phases are moving.
  4. How will the wire be dead ended on each end of the insulator relocation pole? Or will there be another span in between each pole the work will be performed on?
    A: The wire tied in on the pole top insulator will move over to the side mount insulator once it is moved. The wire tied in on the side mount insulator will move to the top mount insulator one it is moved.
  5. Q: Can a knife be used to remove the preforms?
    A: No.
  6. Q: Can the wire be floated on this event?
    A: Yes.
  7. Q: Can we carry performs up on our belts or do we have to use a handline?
    A:No. Equipment cannot be carried on belt (#15 on deduction sheet).
  8. Is the span before and after the insulator relocation pole, going to be dead ended on arms?
    A: The phases will be dead-ended horizontally approximately 24 inches apart.
  9. Can we drop the old tie wire once we remove them from the insulators?
    A: No, old wires cannot be dropped.
  10. Will the neutral be on a spool or double deadend with jumper?
    A: Neutral will be on a spool.
  11. Do we have to change the grommet out?
    A: Yes.
  12. Will the top bolt holes on the insulators be keyholes or just a standard hole?
    A: The top hole on the U-Iron will be slotted but the Pole Top Pin will not be slotted. (See picture 1 above.)
  13. Are we allowed to headache the grommets after they are changed out?
    A: No.
  14. Will the apprentice be required to pull up the material on the handline himself or can a groundman/judge be used to send material on the handline?
    A: Apprentice pulls it up. No groundman or judges help.
  15. Looking at the pole facing the neutral with side insulator on neutral side will the pole top insulator be on left or right?
    A: Picture 2 (above) shows how it sits. Once the U-Iron is moved back to the neutral side, the Pole Top Pin will be to the left. Obviously it will change positions each time the event runs.
  16. Do we have to remove permanent jumper from the primary after we put on the insulated jumper?
  17. Can we split the handline?

Phase Transfer (Submit a question)

  1. Q: There are 2 different ties used in the photos. Are both acceptable?
    A: Picture #2 has been removed. Only tie #1 will be used. 
  2. Q: Can you pull the insulator out the arm before un-tying the wire?
    A: No, wire must be untied before insulator is removed.
  3. Can you rest phase on the crossarm?
    A: Yes, The phase may rest on the arm.
  4. Do we have to bring the single tie up in a bucket?
    A:Tie wires may be carried up in your ditty bag on your belt.

Vertical Hurt Man Rescue (Submit a question)

  1. Q: For the Journeyman and Apprentice Vertical Hurtman Rescue there are two spools shown near the bottom and on opposition sides of the pole. The right drawing only displays one spool (neutral?). What is the purpose of the second spool?
    A: The bottom spool was an oversight by the competition committee and will not be present for either the Journeyman or the Apprentice Vertical Hurtman Rescue events.
  2. Q: Will the dummy be hung under the switch or opposite side of the pole?
    A: The hurtman mannequin will be hung between the hanger brackets of the transformer and directly below the cutout bracket.
  3. Can we provide our own groundman to run the handling?
    A: Yes.
  4. Where is the handline attached to the pole?

Written Test (Submit a question)

Note: All questions for the Apprentice written test will come from the 15th Edition of the APPA Safety Manual and are specifically derived from the following areas of the manual:

  • Part 1 (all sections)
  • Part 4 (all sections)
  • Part 5 (sections 503-509