Statement By: Amy Zubaly, Executive Director, Florida Municipal Electric Association Regarding Hurricane Florence

“As Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, Florida public power has prepared to respond by engaging our network of mutual aid. More than 200 crew members and equipment from 18 Florida public power communities are standing by to assist with power restoration efforts in North Carolina and South Carolina following the impacts of dangerous Hurricane Florence, which is expected to cause widespread power outages and massive property damage.

Some Florida public power crews are already on their way to North Carolina, while others will be heading to Santee Cooper, South Carolina, immediately after the storm passes and it is safe to travel. Additional Florida public power crews are on standby to be deployed to affected areas once it is determined where they are needed following the storm.

Florida was on the receiving side of mutual aid last year when crews from all over the country came to help us in our time of need following Hurricane Irma. For that, we will be forever grateful, and we consider it a great honor to repay the favor to our fellow public power communities in other states.”

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