Municipal Utilities Mark 30 Years of Saving Money by Joint Operation

Electric customers in 20 Florida cities have enjoyed lower electricity costs and enhanced service reliability for the past 30 years thanks in part to a joint effort among municipal electric utilities to share power-generating resources.

This program, known as the Florida Municipal Power Pool (FMPP), began operation on July 1, 1988. It includes the power-generating resources of Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA), Lakeland Electric and Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC). Including utilities served by FMPA and OUC, the Pool serves the combined electric needs of 20 communities in Florida.

“Affordable and reliable power is important especially in Florida where customers rely on air conditioning for much of the year,” said FMPP Executive Director Tom Reedy. “By combining utility resources, we can meet a shared need for low-cost, reliable electricity.”

Utilities in the pool operate their combined generating resources as if they were one utility. Electricity demand forecasts are prepared each day for the pool, and generating units are scheduled to go on- and off-line in the most efficient combination to produce electricity at the lowest possible cost.

The FMPP Energy Control Center is responsible for dispatching the pool’s 51 power generators, which are capable of producing approximately 4,700 megawatts (MW). Last year, the pool saved utilities more than $50 million in fuel costs, which enabled the utilities to keep electric costs affordable for their customers.

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