Mount Dora Electric Crew headed to Greenville, NC

A City of Mount Dora Electric Crew is on their way to Greenville, North Carolina to help with the predicted aftermath from Hurricane Florence.

The crew of three left the Mount Dora Public Works Department around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and are headed straight to North Carolina.  The crew left with a bucket truck, line truck and work truck to stage and wait for the storm to pass.

“After the storm is over, we’ll help the City of Greenville, go out and help put their system back together,” said Mount Dora Electric Director Charles Revell.  “They (the crew) will stay up there as long as they are needed.”

After Hurricane Irma, the response to Central Florida was tremendous through inter-local agreements between municipal electric agencies.  Mount Dora is proud of their Electric Utility Lineman and on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, Mayor Nick Girone proclaimed August 26 as Lineman Appreciation Day.

Hurricane conditions are predicted to hit North Carolina’s southern coast on Friday, but tropical storm conditions will start to arrive on Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center.  Mount Dora crews will work tirelessly to restore power as quickly as possible with the given conditions after the storm.

Included with this press release is a link to video and pictures.  There is a sound bite with Mount Dora Electric Director Charles Revell and a still picture of our linemen who are headed out.  In order from left to right in the picture are: Kevin Willis, Sterling Bagwell and Kris Lane.

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