Instrument & Electrical Technician/Operator

The Instrument and Electrical Technician/Operator performs highly skilled and complex technical work in the maintenance of an electric power generating plant.

This position provides for the safe, effective operation and maintenance of the simple cycle combustion turbines and diesel units. The position is responsible for performing preventative and corrective maintenance of electrical equipment which includes but is not limited to installing, testing, repairing electrical/electronic systems such as AC/DC motors, circuits, transformers, generators, alarm systems, solid state and electro-mechanical control systems, combustion turbine controls, generator and excitation controls, and other related instrumentation and acts independently to solve problems.

In addition, this position requires the safe and effective operation of the units as a crossed-trained operator for startup and shutdown of the units, and performing rounds and recording readings from control systems, gauges and meters, to ensure all necessary measures are taken to maintain plant availability and reliability, including performing lockout/tagout of equipment and Computerized Maintenance Management System utilization. This position requires five (5) years minimum of experience in the instrument and electrical field.

Salary Range: $33.76 To $36.40 Hourly

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