FPL Power Plant Proposal Gets Boost

The state Public Service Commission should give a key approval to a plan by Florida Power & Light to build a power plant in Broward County, the commission’s staff recommended Friday. The commission is scheduled March 1 to decide whether to grant what is known as a “determination of need” for the proposed $888 million project in Dania Beach.

The 1,163-megawatt natural gas plant would replace two old generating units at the Dania Beach site and begin operating in 2022. But it has drawn objections from the Sierra Club and the state Office of Public Counsel, which represents consumers in utility issues.

They contend FPL has not shown the new plant is needed to meet customers’ projected energy usage in 2022. The Public Service Commission staff, in a 25-page recommendation, said the parties agreed about the need to retire the older generating units in 2018 and said the primary issue in the case is about timing of a new plant.

The staff recommendation said the proposal would help ensure the reliability of the power system in Southeast Florida. “FPL’ s decision to retire the (old) units in 2018 results in a significant impact on the Southeastern Florida region’s reliability, and FPL is responsible for ensuring that the reliability and integrity of Southeastern Florida is maintained,” part of the recommendation said. “Once completed, the proposed (plant) will enhance FPL’s system reliability.”

Reposted with permission from The News Service of Florida

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