FMEA Associate Member Spotlight – Wells Fargo

FMEA’s Associate Member of the month for August is Wells Fargo.

The famous image of the stagecoach and the reputation of the name saw Wells Fargo well through the mighty events and fantastic growth of the 20th Century. In prosperity, depression and war, even greater post-war prosperity, social changes and ever faster communications technologies, Wells Fargo’s attention to customers’ business has seen it through these great events and brought success.

Wells Fargo is committed to the responsible development of all forms of energy, from oil and gas to alternatives and renewables, and considers the environmental implications for each of its investments.

The team at Wells Fargo has been involved as a sponsor of FMEA Annual Conference for many years and a partner with our members in their communities for decades. For additional information on Wells Fargo, contact Regional Vice President, Karl Pfeil, at (212) 214-6830 or

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