Tampa Electric Customers Set to Pay Slightly More

Tampa Electric customers will see slight increases in their monthly bills in 2018, after regulators signed off Wednesday on charges for power-plant fuel and other expenses, the utility said.

A residential customer who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a month will pay $106 starting in January, up from the current $104.68. Utilities commonly use a 1,000-kilowatt hour bill as a benchmark, though many customers use higher amounts of electricity each month. Tampa Electric and other utilities go before the Florida Public Service Commission each year to get approval for costs that are passed on to consumers.

Tampa Electric said the increases are related to refunds provided in 2017 to customers because the utility collected too much money for fuel in the previous year. The refunds will end in 2018, resulting in increases in customer bills.

Reposted with permission from The News Service of Florida

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