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KEYS currently has a Journey Line Person position available.  This position requires that the applicant have a high school diploma or equivalent, have successfully completed the approved Apprentice Lineman Training Program (or equivalent, as determined by KEYS), possess considerable knowledge of the practices, methods, and materials used in the overhead electric transmission and distribution trade, and a Florida Commercial Driver License – Class A, with a good driving record.  Applicants will also be required to pass a basic math test.  Starting hourly rate:  $34.22 – $36.90 depending on experience.

Certain service members and veterans, and the spouses and family members of the service members and veterans, receive preference and priority in employment and are encouraged to apply for positions being filled.

Applications will be accepted until filled.  KEYS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  KEYS promotes a Drug-Free Workplace.




MISSION:  To construct and maintain overhead transmission and distribution lines, poles, towers, fixtures, street lights, and services, and remove and install transformers.

REPORTS TO:  Line Leader and T&D Line Supervisors


  1. Construct and maintain overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines, poles, towers, install banners, fixtures, service transformers, street lights, ball park lights, by using boats, barges, ladders, vehicles, located on land and/or over water.
  2. Must spend up to 16 hours climbing, walking, digging, performing heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs.), tamping, pulling wire on the ground, working on poles or structures, in easements or on uneven or overgrown terrain.
  3. Must work off of ladders, bucket trucks, climb wood poles, concrete poles, and steel structures on land and/or over water.
  4. Assist, instruct and oversee apprentice linemen/linewomen, tree crews, and electrical crews, in the safe methods & practices, as required.
  5. Assist with general housekeeping; taking proper care of tools, vehicles, equipment, Medina and Yarbrough buildings, yard, and materials.
  6. Perform scheduled 24-hour “on call” assignments.
  7. Must be able to read, review, and identify any issues that need to be addressed prior to following switching orders as per KEYS Switching Procedures.
  8. Deal courteously, efficiently, and safely with customers and fellow employees.
  9. Must drive and operate heavy equipment (bucket trucks, boom trucks, diggers, forklifts, and pole trailers with poles) in congested traffic.
  10. Modify or fabricate parts and tools as needed to complete assignments.
  11. Load/unload wood and concrete poles, switches, and other equipment.
  12. Troubleshoot overhead/underground conductors, transformers, services, meter sockets, and service panels.
  13. Maintain, service, upgrade, and install substation equipment in an energized environment (120-volt to 138,000-volt).
  14. Must work with electric, hydraulic and gas powered tools.
  15. Respond to wildlife rescue calls and domestic animal rescue calls.
  16. Must perform all duties outdoors in inclement weather and strong winds.
  17. Must work on tree crews and climb, cut trees, lift, drag, and safely shove tree limbs into chipper
  18. Must work within electromagnetic fields.
  19. Must work on energized lines up to 138 KV following guidelines and safety practices of KEYS and OSHA.
  20. Must follow all KEYS/OSHA safety practices and policies, including wearing all KEYS/OSHA required personal protective equipment.
  21. Must follow all KEYS policies and procedures and KEYS’ Rules and Regulations handbook.
  22. Perform other job-related duties as requested by Journey Lineman/Linewoman, Line Leaders and Supervisor.


  1. Must have read and understand the job duties and training needs sections of this job description.
  2. High School graduate or equivalent. An equivalent combination of training and experience may qualify an inside applicant for consideration.
  3. Must be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in English.
  4. Must pass basic math quiz.
  5. Must have successfully completed the approved Apprentice Lineman Training Program or equivalent. New employee must demonstrate climbing and Hurt Man Rescue in yard.
  6. Must have considerable knowledge of the practices, methods, and materials used in the overhead transmission and distribution trades.
  7. Must have a valid Florida Commercial Driver License (CDL-Class A) with an acceptable driving record, as determined by KEYS, and maintain at own expense.
  8. Must possess knowledge of construction and functions of a wide variety of electrical equipment used in distribution and transmission such as transformers, capacitors, fusing equipment, and voltage regulators.
  9. Must possess knowledge of the occupational hazards of the electrical trade, and of necessary safety precautions.
  10. Must be able to understand and follow oral or written instructions in English and to read and interpret sketches, diagrams, switching procedures and blueprints.
  11. Must be skilled in the use and care of tools and equipment of the Line Person’s trade.
  12. Must be able to climb wood/concrete/steel poles, using hooks, steps or ladders.
  13. Must be available for call outs and to work weekends, holidays, and after regular hours, when required.
  14. Must be able to install, maintain and troubleshoot underground distribution lines and splice cable.
  15. Must be able to work in the sun for extended periods performing climbing, walking, dragging, heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs.), tamping, and working in easements and /or uneven and rough or overgrown terrain in a safe manner.
  16. Must have Intermediate FDOT Maintenance of Traffic (M.O.T.) certification.
  17. Must be able to perform the essential job duties of this position, as defined in the job duties section of this job description, with or without reasonable accommodation for any mental or physical disability.
  18. Must meet and maintain all physical and safety requirements and limitations related to the fitness for use of operation of all equipment, including but not limited to, bucket trucks, aerial devices, and ladders.



  1. Required OSHA / KEYS training.
    1. KEYS’ Safety Training Program.
    2. AED training
    3. Confined space training.
    4. First Aid/CPR training course and annual update classes.
    5. Intermediate FDOT MOT
    6. Fork Lift Certification
    7. Hurt Man Rescue
    8. Rigging & Knots
    9. Films, training material and tree trimming courses as directed.


  1. Transmission and distribution line maintenance courses and on-the-job training in transmission and distribution line work.
  2. KEYS highly recommends employee taking computer classes in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook in order to promote into the Line Leader’s position or other KEYS positions that require computer literacy.

Date job duties revised – 03/24/09

Date qualifications approved by Training Committee – 3/25/2015

Date training needs revised – 4/2/2014

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