APPA Releases Report on America’s Electricity Generation Capacity

The American Public Power Association has released the eleventh annual report on current and imminent electricity generation capacity in America. The report looks at generation capacity by types of fuel, location, and ownership type.

According to the report, America currently has over 1.19 million megawatts of generation capacity. The largest fuel source is natural gas accounting for nearly 43 percent of all generation capacity. Coal is second, with a share of just over 24 percent of capacity. Nuclear, hydro, and wind combine for just over 24 percent of capacity and solar currently constitutes two percent of all capacity.

Over 316,000 megawatts of new generation capacity is under development in the United States—96,842 MW under construction or permitted and just over 219,580 MW proposed or pending application.

You can access a copy of the report here:

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