13th annual Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo to be held in Kissimmee

In 2013, public power lineworkers from across the United States will head to Kissimmee, Fla., to compete in the 13th annual Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo, March 22-23. This event builds camaraderie, reinforces safety and instills a sense of pride for public power’s lineworkers.

Hosted by the Kissimmee Utility Authority, the Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo encourages lineworkers to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in two levels of competition: journeyman and apprentice.

Journeyman events for the 13th annual rodeo include the two-phase horizontal cut-out change-out, cross arm change-out (dead and grounded), the hurtman rescue, suspension bell change-out (4kV), and URD.  Apprentices will compete against one another in cross-arm relocation, insulator change-out (bell), hurtman rescue, rope toss, and a written test based on the 15th edition of the APPA Safety Manual.

Following the rodeo, the 57th annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference will take place in Kissimmee, March 24-27.

Reposted with permission from Public Power Daily.

For complete information and to register, please visit www.publicpower.org/rodeo and www.publicpower.org/eando. — PAM COWEN

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