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GRU & JEA Strike Power Pool-Like Dispatch Agreement to Save Costs

Utility lines -IRPIn an effort to save on costs, two Florida public power utilities plan to join forces and begin operating under a power pool-like dispatch agreement this month.

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), a multi-service public power utility, formed the agreement with nearby JEA, Jacksonville’s community-owned electric utility.

Designed to run from May 2016 to December 2021, the arrangement could save GRU and JEA between $6.5 million and $10.8 million annually, according to the utilities.
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Supreme Court Rejects FPL Natural Gas Fracking in Oklahoma

FPLUtility regulators exceeded their authority in allowing Florida Power & Light to invest ratepayers’ money in a controversial Oklahoma natural-gas project, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The court, in a 6-1 decision, said the Florida Public Service Commission didn’t have legal authority in 2014 to approve FPL’s request to invest in the drilling and production of natural gas in what is known as the Woodford Gas Reserves Project.

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Supreme Court tells Indian River County: No, you do not have the right to create a utility when your franchise agreement expires

scourtIn a dispute with implications for utilities and local governments across the state, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday, May 19, 2016, backed regulatory decisions that will allow the city of Vero Beach to continue providing electric service in nearby areas of Indian River County. To view a copy of the Supreme Court opinion, click here.

Justices, in a unanimous 16-page ruling, upheld the Florida Public Service Commission’s handling of a fight between the city and the Indian River County Commission about electric service for residents and businesses in unincorporated areas.
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Court delays Clean Power Plan arguments; lawmakers seek EPA answers

epaThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on May 16 pushed back oral argument in a proceeding related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan from June until late September and expanded oral argument in the case to include all of the judges on the D.C. Circuit.

The D.C. Circuit rescheduled the oral argument in the case from June 2 and 3, 2016, to Sept. 27, 2016, before all of the judges on the D.C. Circuit, not just a three-judge panel. Continue reading

FPL Nuclear Waiver Proposal Draws Fire

sfbj-fpl-turkey-point-550-750xx550-309-0-0Attorneys for consumers, the city of Miami and business and environmental groups are fighting Florida Power & Light’s request for a waiver from filing an annual analysis about the feasibility of adding two nuclear reactors in South Florida.

FPL on April 27 filed the request with state regulators, contending, at least in part, that it should not be required to submit an analysis while it is still in the licensing and permitting stages for the nuclear project proposed for the utility’s Turkey Point complex in Miami-Dade County. The request involves seeking a waiver from a rule that has required the utility to file such analyses in the past.
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Solar Amendment Group Raises $8.5 M in April

Holding-Dollar252x324pxFueled by major electric utilities, the group backing a solar-energy initiative on the November ballot raised $8.52 million during April, according to numbers posted Tuesday, May 10, on the state Division of Elections website. The contributions came after the Florida Supreme Court on March 31 signed off on the proposed constitutional amendment by the group known as “Consumers for Smart Solar.”

The group got most of its money in April from four major utilities. Those contributions were $2.8 million from Florida Power & Light; $2.7 million from Duke Energy; $1.3 million from Tampa Electric Company; and $874,450 from Gulf Power Co. The Consumers for Smart Solar measure would generally maintain the status quo in allowing Floridians with solar equipment on their property to sell energy to power companies.

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Protect Your Home and Family from Electrical Accidents

Plug-inFlorida Municipal Electric Association Provides Important Safety Precaution for Floridians

Each year, electrical failures are the cause of 47,700 home fires in the United States, resulting in 418 deaths, 1,570 injuries and $1.4 billion in property damage.  And fire is not the only concern. In the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates there are approximately 187 electrical-related fatalities a year. May is National Electrical Safety Month and the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) urges you to review safety measures and encourages safe electrical practices.

Number one on the list is to install new technologies such as AFCIs, GFCIs and TRRs. These are three types of electrical outlets that are responsible for the majority of accidents, and explained below.

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