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Solar Amendment Controversy Results from Leaked Audio File

solarSolar-energy supporters fighting a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot expressed outrage Wednesday after a policy director for a Tallahassee-based think tank was caught on tape discussing utility-industry efforts to deceive voters.

Pro-solar groups, in a mid-day conference call with reporters, said the leaked audio tape confirms their suspicion that the ballot proposal — known as Amendment 1 — is a multimillion-dollar deception that will hinder the future of alternative energy in Florida.

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Gulf Power Seeks $106 Million Rate Hike

untitled-1Gulf Power, which provides electricity to about 450,000 customers in Northwest Florida, will seek a $106.78 million increase in base rates, according to a filing Wednesday with the state Public Service Commission.

Gulf gave notice in August that it planned to request a rate hike, but the new filing provides details and sets the stage for what is expected to be a months-long regulatory process.

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Lake Worth Solar Field Project Nears Completion

lake-worthThe City of Lake Worth, in a partnership with Siemens and Advance Green Technologies, is completing work on a 63 acre solar field, just the third municipal electric utility in Florida to construct such a project. The Lake Worth Solar Field will produce 2 megawatts of AC electricity and was built on 5 acres of former landfill in Palm Beach County.

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PSC Approves Gulf Power Renewable Energy Deal

untitled-1Pointing to projected savings for customers, the Florida Public Service Commission on Tuesday approved a Gulf Power proposal linked to energy produced at an Oklahoma wind farm.

The proposal involves a 20-year agreement that the Pensacola-based utility reached to buy a fixed amount of electricity from Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc., according to a commission staff recommendation. Under the agreement, Morgan Stanley will provide an amount that would match a portion of energy generated by the Kingfisher Wind Farm in Oklahoma — although the actual electricity Gulf receives through a broader transmission system wouldn’t necessarily be renewable energy.

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Updated Municipal Power Outage Estimates: Final Power Restoration Efforts Occurring in Hardest Hit Areas of State

jea-005Crews working to restore power to municipal electric utility customers continue to make progress in Duval and Volusia Counties – areas of the state most heavily impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

The number of customers restored increases by the hour and the municipal utilities in these counties (JEA and New Smyrna Beach) expect full restoration to occur by tomorrow.

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APPA, Member Utilities Take Action in Lead Up to Hurricane Matthew

kua-007In the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew barreling towards the East Coast of the U.S., the American Public Power Association and several of its member utilities took a number of proactive steps to prepare for the hurricane. APPA activated its mutual aid network, while public power utilities from various parts of the country sent crews to assist member utilities in the projected pathway of Matthew.

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18 Out of 20 Impacted Municipal Electric Utilities Have Fully Restored Power; Restoration Efforts Continue Following Hurricane Matthew

jeaThe Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) reports that only two municipal electric utilities affected by Hurricane Matthew are still working to restore power to customers while 18 of 20 municipal utilities had power restored within three days or less. As of 4 p.m. today, approximately 77,800 JEA customers are still without power and 5,400 New Smyrna Beach customers remain without power. In the JEA coverage area, 82 percent of customers have power, and in New Smyrna Beach, 80 percent have power. At its peak, there were nearly 300,000 municipal electric utility customers without power.

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